McCabe Stories

Every urban generation has its own tales of its own time, which freeze the essence of that generation into crystalized stories of love, sorrow, adventure, coming-of- age, war, friendship, humor, and all their dreams.The swaying of the railway cars in Tracks Through Our Lives provides the setting for seventeen short stories, using the elevated trains of the Market Frankford Line as a source and a guide for the reader. Each stop along the path of the El toward historical Philadelphia becomes a chapter in the book.As a city of neighborhoods, urban Philadelphia boasts many tales - from Downtown up through Kensington or K&A to Frankford - taken from the distinct neighborhoods along the El. The setting of the track borne MFL cars transforms the raw material of memory into stories for its riders and readers as the railway rattles high above the city streets.Riding a Philly El Train recalls memories of another age, shaping stories that will resonate with any reader. Come ride the El into Philly and listen to its stories.

Published by the Pearl S. Buck International Writing Center Press.

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